Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year New Blogs New………

Its been 9 months since I blogged. I have been busy , lazy  and even absent from the comp for two months. The kids are growing up fast. Shanes turning 2 and Shalu is starting school this year. 2009 all in all was a wonderful year. Went to India , caught up with family, made new friends and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and yeah managed to loose a few pounds too (though that might come back on soon). The new year has begun with no big resolutions . Never kinda believed in making any. Looking forward to some changes to my professional life.  Not changes exactly .. to new beginnings in that phase. Well what else is New…?? Lets see how the coming year folds out. I do hope to be more regular with my blogs.Waiting for the winter to pass by. To new beginnings…..

Jan 10 2010 033

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Ammu said...

ha..joli okke cheyyan pokuvaano..good..best wishes for all your new beginnings!