Friday, January 11, 2008

Tacoma- Seattle.

Before i finaly write it. I must say its taken me nearly two years to actually start writing this blog. I wasnt much of a writer always but I loved the idea of having a personal diary and when my husband asked me to do it in the form of blogging I was too lazy to start but finally i am thinking of giving it a shot.

It took us nearly a year to get the US visa after we filed the application for the H1 visa in 2006sept. We reached the US on Aug 23 2007 to Tacoma, Seattle. It wasnt my first visit abroad but it sure was the first one to the US. I am an Indian but have had only 5 years of stay in India all my life so in some respects I wasnt so sad to be away from India. The fact that i came to the US pregnant with my second child was not an easy phase for me. The settling in and the cold winter did take its toll on me. My husband didnt have an easy time.

Indians were very few in Tacoma so that actually dampened my spirits a bit. But within a month or two we met around 7- 8 families around our area which made me hopeful but i still wanted a close friend( other than my husband:)) something which i missed having been away from India. My elder child was a girl of 2 and there were 2 families that had kids of her age and so it was a relief to her too. The 7 familes would meet up every friday for a prayer or more to say as a get together which was good in a way not becos i am a spiritual person but also becos we had somethign to look forward to for my daughter.