Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shane is turning 1!!!

How fast the time flew by I have no idea. Delivering this little tot last year was one hell of a job because he just wouldnt budge from his comfort zone even two weeks past his due date. The doctor told me that the placenta was too healthy and the baby was enjoying his stay inside me rather than coming out of me. That sure was comforting and scary for me at the same time. After nearly 20 hrs of labour pain I literally pushed him out just to see that little bundle in my arms and boy !! the pain was all worth it. He was simply another beautiful gift of God. From the moment I first held him I have no idea the time has flown and he is turning one in just a few days. Even more shocking is to realise how much more my daughter has grown from the moment I first held her. My son's arrival makes me feel as though I missed out with my daughter not that I did but because my attention got divided but still is it just me or has time really flown too fast cos I do remember counting my days thinking why is time so slow...

We are planning a bday party and this is the invitation card I made with the help of smilebox of course.:)
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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day at the park.

The sun has started shining and the spring is beginning to set in finally after 6 long months of winter. Spring is my favourite season as all the colours just bloom and make you want to bloom along with it. Spring in Seattle is just beautiful . The kids loved the sunshine after a long gloomy winter so we finally got to go to the park and as it was shanes first experience to the park after he started walking, it was fun to watch them.Home April 7 005 Home April 7 002

Home April 7 008

Makes me remember my childhood as I watch them in the park. Though you cant  go back to those times, we always get a chance to live through it again with the help of our children. :) sighhhhhhh…….