Saturday, March 21, 2009

The kids love dancing..

My daughter is really fond of dancing and even my son loves tapping his feat to fast numbers. This is a small video I would love to remember for a  long time. The song (Marjaani) is a recent hit number from Bollywood. I hope to add more videos of the kids as i am just learning all the technicalities of blogging:).


Isn't it amazing that there isn't a creature alive in this world without any sort of relationship to another being. Coming to human beings we are born of relationships and grow up to widen and form new ones and sometimes even break a few in our journey of life. Whether it be parents , siblings , friends all form a part of this circumfrence of life. Some relationships grow stronger as they grow , some break down in between and yet again grow back or dont, depending on the person of course. But I would consider a person who does not value relationships to not have enjoyed all the essences of life. It is very complicated and difficult to form one but so easy to break it, sometimes just as much of a stare. Maybe that is why some people tend to turn out introverted because they are a bit afraid to start a relationship that might turn sour. I dont blame them for that but maybe you might loose out on someone who could have turned out even more dearer than ur dearest. Would it be worth if you do not take a chance. I agree forming new ones has its own pros and cons but the most difficult part is maintaining a relationship that has started.....

Friday, March 6, 2009

My kids

It makes me wonder how soon time goes by when u watch your children grow. I feel that I understand my parents much better now and how much they must miss those days as we grew up. It was a surprise for me to discover how you consider your older child as a more mature and understanding child once the younger one comes into the picture. Till then my elder daughter was still a baby but the moment her brother came out i felt a rather small despair that my elder one had moved out of my picture of being a baby. But luckily she never got to feel it as her father showered her with all of his attention and that helped her love for her brother grow. My son is nearly one year now and the bond they share between them at a age so young really amazes me. I really wish I could have these times of my babies with me forever. But as we all know life goes on.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Husband

This is one person I need to describe who has had a huge impact on me from the day i first laid eyes on him. We fell in love in college and as most couples from our society do, had our share of rough times as our parents weren't happy about it. But in the end all ended well and today I am happy we had our share of rough times before our marriage which brought us closer and has helped us through our marriage too. A total computer savvy , he has been a wonderful husband and the best father to the kids. I still remember when someone once asked me what sort of a life partner I wanted , I had answered that I wanted someone who would be my strength and I his weakness and by the Grace of God I have gotten such a partner.

Me, myself and myself

This blog of mine would be like a personal diary bringing in happenings from my daily life which would mainly include my family. I feel this would make me understand myself better from a different perspective.

I am an open person. I do not mind speaking openly what I feel about another person if our relationship is such but I just found out recently that I would do that even if it hurts someone else's feelings. I love making friends and I appreciate the openness I share with all of my friends.

After the completion of my studies I never got a chance to work immediately becos I had my first child after completing my masters and stayed home till she was 10 months. I worked as an HR executive in a small firm in India for a few months till we made decisions to move to the US. The delay in getting our visa made me jobless for nearly a year and since we got an H1 visa i became a dependent on my husbands visa and that makes me jobless till now. Of course without wasting that time we had our second baby and now I am a full time mommy who hopes to join the work force once the recession gets better :).

I like being fair. I can overreact to some issues which I have deep convictions on.