Friday, March 6, 2009

My kids

It makes me wonder how soon time goes by when u watch your children grow. I feel that I understand my parents much better now and how much they must miss those days as we grew up. It was a surprise for me to discover how you consider your older child as a more mature and understanding child once the younger one comes into the picture. Till then my elder daughter was still a baby but the moment her brother came out i felt a rather small despair that my elder one had moved out of my picture of being a baby. But luckily she never got to feel it as her father showered her with all of his attention and that helped her love for her brother grow. My son is nearly one year now and the bond they share between them at a age so young really amazes me. I really wish I could have these times of my babies with me forever. But as we all know life goes on.....


Ammu said... have been blogging since 2008? I saw it only now. Good start. Got a peep into the family.Keep updating more stories about the fantasy world of kids and their videos and snaps.. And of course hoping to see some romantic stories and snaps too.. :)

Smitha Jobi said...

thanks ammu I really hope I can keep up.